Problem I Think Solved With Cold Tanning Baths & Pickles

Submitted by Larry on 02/04/2004. ( )

Fellows this morning I went and bought 2 Visi~Therm Deluxe 150 Watt Aquarium heathers (Buy them at an Aquarium Store) that are programable to set to any temperature you want up to 89 degrees..Now what I plan on doing is setting these at 70 degrees so my Salt doesn't drop out of my solution(Salt drops out at 55 degrees) and to my pickle will and should work better.Now we all know that with Pickles being 1.5 ~ 2 on the PH temperature won't matter on that.As for the Tanning bath Bruce I hope you will pick up this post and give us your opinions on that.I think we could just have the Answer for better tanning temps..Larry

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I'm going to look at that heater!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/04/2004. ( )

Larry - I'm going to have a look at that Heater you refer to. I'll stop by our local Pet Shop this week and take a look. I want to check it out for exposed metal. That would be a problem - otherwise - it sounds like a great idea. I'd sincerely like to know how successful it is. It may be a good idea for 10 gallon baths or less - but I dont know how it would be for a 50 gallon solution.


This response submitted by Larry on 02/04/2004. ( )

Bruce,as per letter to you you will be very tickled to know there are NO metal parts(ONLY GLASS) it is programable up to 89 degrees and put in 50 degree water in 1 hour it came up to 52 degrees,,,so you can see you will have
72 degrees in 10 hours,(WARNING),LET GLASS THEROMETER SET IN WATER FOR 1 HOUR BEFORE PLUGGIN IN...That was told to me by the head guy at the AQUARIUM store,,also before you take out,,,unplu and let set 1 hour to cool off or it WILL BUST THE GLASS<<<<Larry

Ooh that is a fabulous idea!

This response submitted by Christina Jones on 02/04/2004. ( )

We are aquarium hobbyists as well as taxidermists over here, and thermometers keep our 50+ gallon tanks at a constant temperature, no sweat--

I use old aquarium tanks (10 gal.) for pickling/tanning when it is cold (my shop is in a VERY old and not very climate controlled barn), there is no metal there, and the thermometers fit on them perfectly--I siphon the chemicals out of the tanks when I am finished, rinse them out with a hose, and refill them with warm water, so I dont have to wait for the therm. to heat it up, and because it will greatly diminish the life of the thermometer if you use it to actually heat up the water on a constant basis. It is much better to use them to hold a temperature.....

I also like the glass walls, I can see whats going on in there (not that it is very exciting to see!)

C. :)

Thank YOU Christina!

This response submitted by Larry on 02/05/2004. ( )

Christina,,yeah I am liking this thing a lot,,its 11 pm and temp is at 62 so in the mkorning it will be at the 72 temp I settled onno doubt,,great idea on using the Aquarium for a tank..will have to try that,,,Yours truly,Larry

Salt water fish aquarium thermometers

This response submitted by Kim on 02/05/2004. ( )

I use these because they are made to be used in saltwater also they go all the way under the water. I place them on the side about half way down heats the water from the center.


Sounds great

This response submitted by Steve on 02/05/2004. ( )

I'm anxious to hear how this turns out. Is there any danger though that the hides touching this heater might get too warm?...Just wondering? Thanks for the idea....Steve

Attention Steve,,,No Problem

This response submitted by Larry on 02/05/2004. ( )

Steve I now have my temp up like I wan and the tan deer hide is doing great..Boy howdy this is going to solve a lot of problems with those hides that are not getting the salt they need to keep acid swellng down.Theseare total glass and no metal so it touchig the hide doesn't seem to hurt.I touched the glass while it was on and there was ot any heat there..Funny but its heating the water.Try it.Larry

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