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Submitted by Vic on 02/05/2004. ( )

Anyone have to replace the seal on their's yet? What did you use? I have e-mailed Steve with no response about purchasing a new one. Thanks

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From Steve, how long did you give him to reply?

This response submitted by John C on 02/05/2004. ( )

I started using BIT of wetsuit lubricate on the gasket and it last a lot longer. Call him!


This response submitted by Vic on 02/05/2004. ( )

John, it's been about a month. (jan 15th)I have one of the original tanners and have had problems with it since day 1. I never really got a great seal and the inside lineing has come off. I mailed him about a replacement drum and he responded to that right away. since that I decided to recoat the drum I have and get a new seal. I'm not slamming him and do like the tanning method. Thanks for your quick response!

I too have one of the first ones.

This response submitted by John C on 02/05/2004. ( )

That Rhino lining came off years ago, I have even thought about finding some to coat it like enamel cookware.

Give Steve a call on the phone, I am pretty sure he will answer or have the machine on.

Soooooo John C

This response submitted by Vic on 02/05/2004. ( )

are you using a new machine now? I hate to invest if the new one would do the same thing as the first one. I figured there were problems when I saw, new and improved.

S S, D D

This response submitted by pelts on 02/05/2004. ( )

Seal? The leaky thing around the door?
If I bought a car and it showed up with as many problems as the auto-tanner, I'd take the dealer to court.

All salute the great Rubbermaid, maker of the best tanning containers there are!

Autotanner seal

This response submitted by MarkV. on 02/05/2004. ( )

The seal on the autotanner is special made for its purpose only. I know this first hand because last week we tried to replace it from somewhere locally. Your best bet is to call steve and order a new one. 9.50 plus shipping. Order 2 of them in case of emergency. I had to put 8 capes back in the freezer half tanned. Steve has always been a standup guy and and will help you in every way possible.Our machine was also one of the older models with the paint problem we have since had it recoated but will be purchasing a new machine next year. I say to heck with the rubbermaid the autotanner gets me a faster much better tan than my rubbermaid ever did.The newer machines are porcelain lined and bigger vessels making them worth the investment.The epoxy paint eventually peels off but can be sent in for a new paint job.Give him a call and leave a message he will call you back,MarkV.


This response submitted by Vic on 02/06/2004. ( )

to all of you. I'm glad it wasn't only me with all the problems with the tanner.

Gluvit(you just gotta love it ) Auto- tanner fix!

This response submitted by Bob on 02/06/2004. ( )

I bought an auto-tanner second hand which was starting to peal and thought I may as well fix-it right the first time. After some toxic epoxy stripper from Home Depot and alot of sand blasting to take the inside and the outside edges back to fresh looking metal I now had to figure out what was going to be best to reseal, as i certainly had no intentions of going through that mission of cleaning again. Emailed Steve, and he just recon`d I replace it with a new porcelin coated drum for $350! Yeah right, He should be the one re-placing them!
Anyway`s, after inquireries to others, Smooth-on two part epoxy semed to be the go, but the only trouble was that you had to buy it in bulk and I really didn`t feel like forking out the extra buck`s.
What I ended up trying and is still working is an epoxy that the boat trade uses called Gluvit. Three coats of that and everything so far seems cool though I don`t think it is the hardest of materials and another coat from time to time may be needed. Cost was around 60 bucks and a little goes a long way.I even had enough left over to give the outside a couple of coats including the frame and also a couple of coats to my fleshing machine.
As for a seal I used a rubber door seal from a chevy truck at the auto wreckers, which the edge of the tanner lid tucks right into and it seems so far to be working fairly well. The only problem I`m facing is keeping the ends tight together, but for the moment just have a 3" squared piece of latex glove taped on the outside edge and folded over the seem that seals it as the pressure builds.
Seem`s like a lot of work and it was, but worth it to me, hope this helps, good luck to you!

Bob you

This response submitted by vic on 02/07/2004. ( )

got a better price than me! A new drum was quaoted at 380 plus shipping. Thanks for you ideas and I agree with your comments but..... well you know. The machine I have never worked properly and Steve was alot of help in the beginning. I understand that things go bad with time but this was from day one. I will try some of your suggestions and definately have to coat the outside since there was leakage time after time and it thinned the drum big time. Within the past month I got most of my tanning done while I had a 1/2 way decent seal, so this will be a project down the road. Thanks again, Vic

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