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We sure have been doing alot of re-tans lately. This tells me only one thing, there must be alot of new tannerys out there that dont have a clue as to what they are doing! Do your self a favor, get out before you loose your rear. Hanging a "open for business" sign takes more than money and equipment. It takes experience.

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Lots of them and many dont know what they are doing!

This response submitted by John C on 02/08/2004. ( )

They either cut the capes up or have work them long ways while breaking.

Have a friend send a couple 26 inch whitetails off, he got them back within 4 weeks. Damned things are strechedc long enough for a Giraffe. They are the same capes, punch marked in three places. Capes are almost 3/8 of an inch thick. I figure then staked them on an aircraft tire staking machine.

Whoa! Hold On!

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im a person that does quite a few tanning for customers. i dont know all the chemicals on the market. i dont know the formulas that goes into it. But all i know, when you follow the directions that are given to you by the company/person for that particular tan everything should go well. I remember posting a ? on here titled (? for steve@automatictanner or John C) i asked a quite complicated question but they didnt answer it. they probaly could of but John C said "dont make things complicated then they already are." which is true. all im saying is that with the advice that you posted why would you want to discourage people. everyone needs to start somewhere. and even if it takes that tannery to mess up someones hide let them live and learn from that situation. you probaly messed up once or twice, didnt you? like you said "it takes experience" well let them experience.

Orion- Does not compute

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Thats like saying that you are a auto mechanic, and going into business, when you have never lifted the hood on a car in your life! Maybe I will go into the computer repair business next week. It seems by your way of thinking, that no one will care if I screw their computer up. Of course, tanning is not the same as working on a computer or car, but the principle is the same. You dont advertise that you can provide a quality service, when you dont know what you are doing. Most of the people in this forum have no idea what it takes to be able to tan hundreds of different type of species. Take for instance, the black bear. Different tanning procedures are required for the same bear, depending on what time of the year it was killed. I could list dozens of these examples for different species, but I wont. This, among other things, is what seperates a good tannery from some of these jokes that are out there.

I did a lot of mounts for free while learning.

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I did a number a gameheads and mammals before ever taking a cent from customers. Fish on the other hand, my first fish looked better than 95% of the taxidermist in my state did back then.

I have seen some bad tanning done over the years and tanners need especially to have it down pat.

I understand

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what your saying. but its just the wording that you were saying about they should just get out of the business. look, i dont do alot of tanning with a whole lot of different species. i wouldnt want to. but all im saying is that they- (other tanners) should EXPERIENT with a whole bunch of different species to get more educated. its up to them if they want to charge in doing it. and if they do mess up, let them deal with it. it'll teach that person/tannery how to deal with angry customers. and hopefully they will learn what to do better next time. just to sum everything up- DON'T DISCOURAGE PEOPLE. HELP THEM OUT. AND IF THEY DONT CHANGE THEIRE HABITS SO BE IT. ITS NOT YOUR BUSINESS. ITS THERES. HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE DAY. AND I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY. aloha!

You get what you pay for:

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Fellas, After reading the postings I can only come to one conclusion , quality does not come without a price. The old adage rings true, You get what you pay for. You better believe that certainly applies to the furdressing industry. As the manager of a successful tannery I hear to many horror stories from taxidermists who went looking for the Real Deal, only to get the Real Steal. It costs a great deal to hire good help and keep them. It costs a premium to use the best products, likewise as a tannery there has to be constant upgrades to these products and machinery. R&D costs real dollars that is what sets a professional apart from the rest. Bottom line is everyone wants a deal, but the hard truth is its not always wrapped up in the cheaper price. Quality costs money. Just look at the hunting gear we use. How long are we going to take a beating before we learn this lesson. Brian

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