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Hay John started a new post to get your attention, thanks. I've rolled over the edge of my blade more than once (damn it!) and have been successful grinding out the lip with a dremel from the inside of the blade,With the flesher on. But as you might imagine it's out of tune, and placing my steel on top trying to tune it just don't cut it, and I loose a lot of the edge in the processe. With your method do you have the fleasher on as you touch the top with a file, use the guard as a platform ? If you could go into more detail on your procedures I think you would be helping a lot of us. Thanks.

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I assume you are getting bad ridges?

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I use the gaurds as a rest, run the machine up and shut it off, as the rpms drop I use the end of a file and stroke the blase from back to front. many times just a touch can pull the high spot off. Alos you will see the cutting edge sometimes is a bit longer, using 220 grit red garnet sand paper and the gaurd as a rest, just move it enough into the blade to cit the long area off.

Then with well oiled steels, run it up and twist from the inside out and work the edges out tothe cutting edge.

Do a test cut and see what happens. Repeat until you get the high spot removed or tunned until it nolonger leaves ridges.

Let me know if I can help you.
JOhn C


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Thanks John I'll try it when I get home, and let ya-all know how I did.


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Well I tryed it. not as good as new but better than it was. I had a hard time trying to flatten the edge with a file end, but sanding off the bur works great. it seems to be out of round on the heavy end (right) not sure what I can do about it? Any other suggestions would be great. Thank you for your help.

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