Can a hide be resalted after it has been pickled

Submitted by Tim Patnaude on 02/12/2004. ( )

This is my very 1st time trying my hand at taxidermy. I am trying to mount a Javelina head. I have the cape off the head and I took as much meat and fat off as I could, then I salted the hide until it was dried and now it is in the pickle stage. I think I should have tried to scrape and shave the hide thinner when it was dried from the salt. My question is - Can I re-salt the hide and do this or is it to late. It looks like I have alot of fat around the nose and eyes. I do not have a flesher, I am just useing my hunting knife and it seems to dull very fast. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. The pickle solution I am using is the Lutan F kit from Van Dyke's

Thanks. Tim (Arizona)

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No reason to

This response submitted by George on 02/12/2004. ( )

Salt removes water. The pickle stabilizes the hide and swells it so that you CAN flesh off the the material you need. Once you get ALL the meat off after a pickle, you put it back in the pickle for at least a day. Follow the direction on your kit. It's too late for the salt.

a former zoni

This response submitted by David C on 02/12/2004. ( )

Tim, leave the cape in the pickle for 24 hours, then pull it out, let it drain and then you can shave it some more. That is the normal process. After you shave it, place it back in the pickle another 24 hours, and then you can shave it again if need be. p.s. I was born and raised in phx. moved to North Carolina a few years ago. I miss AZ a bunch.

you can

This response submitted by eric on 02/12/2004. ( )

yes, you can. resalting will not hurt. just do not let the pelt dry too much.

That's not the point, eric

This response submitted by George on 02/12/2004. ( )

Remember, these posts go into the archives. Why would you WANT to salt a hide that's been pickled? What purpose is to be served by it that can't be more easily done with the results of the pickle?

The reason I want to resalt

This response submitted by Tim Patnaude on 02/12/2004. ( )

i thought it might be easier to flesh / thin the hide if it was dry. My problem is that I am very new at this and I do not have the tools to flesh this hide. When I took it out of the pickle and tried to flesh it, I do not seem to be making very much headway on getting the fatty tissue off. I have seen those mini-fleshers and was thinking of buying one of those but they are like 200 bucks. I was thinking maybe I could use my drummel tool with a cut off blade but it is not working like I thought....Any suggestion for a wanna-be Taxidermist?


This response submitted by Rick,T on 02/12/2004. ( )

Tim, we all have been in this boat and I Quote "I dont have a Flesher". Heres what I did before hand, it takes time but it's better than nothing.I would neutralize my capes after the pickle then Tan. After tanning hang the skin with the tanned side out and let it dry about 24hrs,,Do not let it completely dry,just dry enough to stiffin the skin up a bit, then use a SKIFE to shave down the skin, it will work but takes about 3-4 hrs to completely shave.

Useing a Skife

This response submitted by Tim Patnaude on 02/13/2004. ( )

If I try this method....what do I do after I use the Skife to shave it down....will it be ready to mount or will I need to tan it again?
Thanks in advance to everyone. I think this fourm is great for beginners and I appreciate everyones suggestions.


Is there a maximum for pickleing

This response submitted by Tim on 02/13/2004. ( )

The directions of my tanning kit says to leave it in the pickle for a minimum of 72hrs. Is there a maximum amount of time before it can damage the hide?


no time is a good time too.

This response submitted by eric on 02/13/2004. ( )

for what it is worth to you. tim. i bought out a tannery 2 years ago that had hides pickeled for 14 years. [not a miss print] fourteen years,
the ones [pelts] that went in in good shape were terrific. good going in. good coming out. they were mostly beautiful. but do not let everyone know this. we need doubters out there too.!

dear george.

This response submitted by eric on 02/13/2004. ( )

i know its a useless step. but shoot! that's how a fellow learns. it certainly won't hurt. lets encourage our fellow tanners!
ok george!

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