Degreaser to use with Krowtann?

Submitted by SeaBass on 02/14/2004. ( )

I'm about to try tanning my first skin, a coyote, using krowtann. The question is, Im wondering if there is a recommended degreaser to use before krowtanning, or if any of them are fine, or if any of them chemically interfere with the tanning process. Also, is there a need to use stop-rot if there are no indications that the skin is bad? I know that may sound like a dumb question, but i thought maybe i could use a little stop rot just for an extra safety measure. Thanks

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I'd use it on the ears.

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Stop rot

Geez, it never stops

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If KROTANN IS A TAN, WHY WOULD IT BE DIFFERENT? Use a degreaser with it just like you would with any other tan. It's all in the archives.

Use Super Solvent!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/14/2004. ( )

Super Solvent (Catalog #SS-618) works great on Alum treated skins and capes! So there shouldnt be a problem! Mix 2 fl. ozs. to each 1 gallon of water - soak for 30 minutes - rinse - and your cape or skin should be squeaky clean!

You can order it on-line at:
Highlight the website address - copy - then put your browser in your address bar and click "paste".

PS - It's also an excellent degreaser for skulls, bird and fish skins too!


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you should not have a problem as yotes are not really very greasy to begin with. i like to degrease immediatly after relaxing. follow the directions and do not over use.

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