fleshing question

Submitted by wj on 02/16/2004. ( . )

I have searched and have not been able to find the answers.I am looking to buy a flesher to help speed up the rough fleshing stage only. I am sending the capes to the tanner. Fist off,what would be better for this a large flesher or the mini-air flesher?Do these work well for this task? What kind of time savings would I be looking at?I currently do this by hand,it takes about 1 1/2 depending on if I cape it or the client does.Lastly do you remove the red meat,salt once then flesh or flesh it green? Thank You for your time to those that respond....

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This response submitted by Shann on 02/17/2004. ( davistaxidermy@hotmail.com )

I personally think the mini-flesher would be better and cheaper. I just bought a used (like brand new) one for $120 with a extra blade. This is a lot cheaper that a large flesher but will NOT thin your hide. I use it strickly to prep my hides for salt. If you do not have it set up right it will grab the hide or cut it. I had a vet. taxidermist show me how and love it! I can do a green WT in about 5-10 min. If you decide to get one and need help setting it up feel free to contact me. Hope this helps!

Get a fleshing beam

This response submitted by Steve on 02/17/2004. ( )

Deer will flesh easily with a scraping knife and fleshing beam. This would be a lot cheaper than the other two fleshing tools you mentioned for rough fleshing of green capes.

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