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Submitted by Dan Bond on 02/14/2004. ( danbond8@localnet.com )

I have checked the archives but I still need answers. I tanned several capes as a bigginer they were with lutan f. I got a bunch of surfaced tanned skins, I beleive because of improper shaving. I have since got a fleshing machine and auto tanner. I want to re shave and re tan the hides with auto tan crystals. Can I re tan the already surface tanned hides in the auto tanner? Some of the hides are thinner and I am not sure if they were tanned proper or not. can I re tan them as well, or should I just put a instant tan like rineharts on it. Any advice is much appreciatede, thanks Dan

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OK, Dan, here's why no one answered probably

This response submitted by George on 02/17/2004. ( georoof@aol.com )

Just why would you think it was only "surface tanned"? Now there's a statement that will drive fear into anyone's mind. Did you not follow the procedures? How do you know?

You can do either of the procedures you ask about, but it doesn't get rid of that first statement. Shaving has little to do with the tan penetrating on most hides unless you're talking about bison or large elk or maybe a hippo or two. What kind of hides? Is the hair still intact?

As you see, most of us have more questions than you and you haven't provided us with enough information on this one for any of us to stick our heads out.


This response submitted by Dan on 02/17/2004. ( danbond3@localnet.com )

I followed the directions given and the fox hides seemed ok. I also did a beaver pelt and oil kept showing so I shaved and found 3/4 the way down thw hide had a almost raw apperance? So I had 3 deer capes and do not want to mount them if they are not the best I can get them before hand.I left the different hides in the solution the recommended time for each. The deer hides feel almost rubbery. The hair is still intact on all the hides. Also the beaver hide keeps releasing moisture. I really appreciate your time, George and thankyou.

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