anyone famililar with tannium ( oxochrome sr-34)? I have ?'s

Submitted by Joe on 02/17/2004. ( )

I am looking for anyone who knows anything about tannium (oxochrome sr-35. I am a trapper in montana and do alot of skull cleaning and decided to try and tan a few hides for my personal use. I purchased a product from Van Dykes called tannium (oxochrome sr-35) seemed pretty simple..However... It is telling me to make the pickle bath, this part I understand,next it is telling me to pre-dissolve 1lb tannium directly to the pickle solution.... My question is to what size bath? do I use 1lb of this tannium weather it be for a 3 gal bath or a 35 gal bath? I have tried to contact the help line at Van Dykes and am still waiting for them to call back.. thank you to anyone or all that could help me.

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This response submitted by Steve on 02/17/2004. ( )

You might want to start with an easier type of tan. I've never used this method, but from what I understand it might be more complicated than other methods that are also considered garment tans such as Lutan-F or Easy 100. Van Dykes are usually good at answering questions though.

I was just wondering what you were trying to tan...Some critters like beaver are a tough project that might be frustrating to start on. Also where in Montana are you from? I live and trap in the Culbertson area, but also own a place at Stevensville....Steve

thanks for the tip

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thanks for the heads up on an easier method. I am trying to tan a coyote, and was going pretty good until I realized that it was not specific on how much of the tannium to put into the bath..oh well maybe someone from Van Dykes will return my call shortly.. I live in the circle area but do most of my trapping and snaring in the weldon area..I haven't really been hard at it this year though but I have gotten a few really nice blond coyotes and my wife decided that she would like one tanned rather than just dried and stretched. So that is what lead me to the position that I am in now. Thanks for the tip maybe I will just move on to one of the easier methods if I don't here from Van Dykes soon.....Joe


This response submitted by Steve on 02/17/2004. ( 4anders )

Coyotes aren't too hard to tan and if you do everything right the hair shouldn't slip. They are already very thin so you don't have to thin them to get them soft. They may be kind of greasy and it's easy to cut holes in them, but you probably already know that if you are a trapper. I use mostly lutan-f for tanning now. Be sure to degrease your coyote well and wash, before you tan. When I first started I used Van Dyke's cura-tan method for small critters and even deer hides. It makes nice leather and is simple to use. If you have any questions e-mail me.

My wife shot a nice antelope this year on the Terry cut-off road. Talk to you later...Steve

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