Quebec Lite for $375?

Submitted by marty on 02/18/2004 at 23:06. ( )

I have been searching the archives looking for pros and cons of the major fleshing machines available. Alot of the posts that I have read say that they are using Quebec Lites with a 12" blade and it only cost $375. I have looked at the ones in WASCO and pulled up the quebec website and the cheapest I've found is $840. Does anyone know where these are sold at the price that the posts are refering to?

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fleshing hides

This response submitted by Bill Nelson on 02/19/2004 at 01:34. ( )

I bought a air opered hand flesher this year and I really like it
it cost only $200. and the blade will flesh a hell of a lot of
scalps, and when the blade gets dull you can geta new blade for
$20.oo and then sharpen the used one some other time. I read about
to manny guys using the large fleshers losing some fingers.
They don`t tell you that you need an oil mist supplier on the hand
held units.I know i seized the motor on a small cut off tool like
the fleasher. They fit in line and only cost between $20. and $25.
Ihe inline oiler can be bought from GRANGER INC.
The total spent only cost around $240. with a new extra blade!
Im very happy with the hand fleasher!

Get the Quebec Lite

This response submitted by Steve on 02/19/2004 at 10:08. ( )

I've used a mini-flesher for years. It works okay on deer capes but is kind of slow. It doesn't work worth a darn on Beaver. I like it for face fleshing though and plan to continue using it for that.

I just bought a used older model Quebec flesher. I'm still waiting on getting some blades ground so I can try it out. If I were going to buy a full sized flesher today I think I'd go with the Quebec lite. It does have a full sized blade and should work great. It's also a lot cheaper than the other full sized fleshers. Give Jerry a call. He has loads of good advice and enjoys helping those of us out who are still learning.

Mini Flesher and a Dakota 3

This response submitted by ClifC on 02/19/2004 at 13:30. ( )

I too like the Mini Flesher for facial work, (I even use it to clean the cartlidge off of deer before I remove it) If you use it a good bit you can get quite good W/ it. But, I have to agree w/ Steve, it is slow on capes, especially compaired to what a full size flesher can do.
My Dakota is old, but there is no need to replace it, as it still works fine.

The various models have been debated on this forum many times. Some like this one some like that one, all have their good and bad points.

Just do some research and get some feedback from some of these guys. Not just what brand they like but the "why" behind their likes. Comapere and make your own desision.

God Bless,


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