What is best wet tan for beginner?

Submitted by Chris on 02/18/2004 at 23:12. ( )

Hello. I have done a few deer mounts, but with DP. I think they turned out really good, but now I want to go on and try wet tans. Now, what would be a low cost tan for me to tan capes that I will mount with. Also, I would like that they will be easy to put on the mannikin and require not much shaving of the skin, since I only have basic tools.I am new to wet tanning, so I would like to find a KIT that I can get through WASCO or Van Dykes, so any help here would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Whats best for me may not be best for you.

This response submitted by John C on 02/18/2004 at 23:16. ( )

Thats a subjective statement, "the Best" What thype of tan I like may not be what someone else likes.

I need as much help as I can get

This response submitted by Chris on 02/18/2004 at 23:41. ( )

Since I am a beginner, at least you could just give me your oppinion.


This response submitted by ANDY on 02/18/2004 at 23:44. ( )

Krowtann 2000 is so easy to use that it is virtually error-proof. No salting, no pH checks and no oiling is required to produce an excellent mountable tanned skin.

I already have if you will open your lazy eyes and read.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 02/19/2004 at 01:14. ( )

Dont know how many times I have recommended Krowtann, but your lack of research does not effect me one way or the other. Why not look under the tanning catagory or beginner or use the search button.

Can you understand it if I post it in large letters.


This response submitted by Chris on 02/19/2004 at 11:31. ( )

So where could I purchase Krowtann 2000? Thanks.

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