shave again II

Submitted by chuck on 02/15/2004. ( )

hey john nice to hear from you man and thanks for answering my question, now i have one more what would you say the thickness of your hide is around the area of the b&c measurements? thanks again john always appreciate hearing from you.

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Not even a 1/8 inch, I do like the hides thin.

This response submitted by John C on 02/15/2004. ( )

I normally pull them down super thin, about the with of this I at the serf about 1/16th inch I would say. That is easy to tear if you pull and try to stretch it to much. This skin being that thin will allow you to get all the details out of the form, if you use Epo-Grip 2 part, you can even work it around under the hide and give a small deer a swelled looking neck.

i seem to

This response submitted by chuck on 02/15/2004. ( )

cut thru the hide when i want to go thinner and my hides are not getting as thinned as yours john mine are about 1/8 inch to 3/16 thick how do i go about getting it thinner with out cutting thru the hide? i do have a flesher and it works great do you think i am just rushing thru the fleshing part and not getting it as good as i should? i am on my 7-th deer and i have had to shave a few deer down so the hide would fit that was probably the problem huh john not thin enough. do you keep shaving all the way down the hair follicles (in the neck area)? please help if you can, thank you.

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