flesher / fleshing machine

Submitted by YASMINE on 02/19/2004 at 08:17. ( yasmineblal@voila.fr )

hello everybody,
i wanted to know the difference if there is any between a flesher and a fleshing machine ?

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To many questions

This response submitted by Mark H on 02/19/2004 at 11:39. ( haskees@access4less.net )

A flesher or fleshee is a person who works a fleshing machine and the fleshing machine is where a flesher or fleshee fleshes.

You should hit the search button or go to the library and find a book cause you're asking questions that can be gained in one sitting instead of question after question after question after question after question. Or at least get all of your questions together and ask them in one post

I think most of us, myself included, don't mind answering or helping but this is ridiculous!

ok but..

This response submitted by yasmine on 02/19/2004 at 11:49. ( )

ok thanks but you know i am working and i am asking questions once they come to my mind with my work so sorry if i disturb you ! but when you make a glossary english/ french irt's only normal you qhould have lots of questions to ask ! a,d i can not find any books here im in france it's not easy !
your answer may not seem correct coz i saw the word flesher in the sentence "i bought a flesher today" ... ?


This response submitted by Lonestar on 02/21/2004 at 21:59. ( )

Flesher: may be refering to a type of hand held machines that remove excess meat and fat from a hide. (Mini-Flesher)

Fleshing Machine: could refer to the same thing or, could refer to larger machines that are too heavy and cumbersome to hold by hand. These types of machines may be stationary and fixed to the floor or a table.

However, the person operating the machine can be called a flesher. The operation of the machine can be called fleshing, thinning, or shaving.

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