Smaller than 8 foot fur drum?

Submitted by Steve on 02/20/2004 at 12:02. ( )

I've been reading up on fur drums. Most stuff I read says that a fur drum needs to have around a eight foot drop to effectively break your skins to be soft. I built a fur drum several years ago that I use mostly just for cleaning and drying big game capes. It only has about a four foot drop. I'd like to tan a bunch of beaver this spring. So my question is..."Is there any way this drum could be used, to break these skins?" Would more or less saw dust make a difference? Could you leave them in longer. I guess I could always rebuild it, but I hate the thought of breaking them all by hand. Thanks for your input....Steve

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4 ft. drum

This response submitted by eric on 02/20/2004 at 14:56. ( )

your 4 ft. drum should be fine for those beaver. try and get your hides as soft as you can before this final step. like using an enzyme to remove all grease and fat. and a super good oil like bruces's supersoft oil. also be carefull not to over tan those hides. i find that that is a common problem with new tanners. if 16 hours is good. maybe 20 hours is better. but that's not so.. of course this is just my opinion.

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