dried coon pelt

Submitted by Brad on 02/20/2004 at 20:15. ( walkingwind3315@aol.com )

I have a trapper that wants me to flesh and dry his coon pelts.He is new to trapping and wanted me to find out what the price would be for a air dried coon for a wall hanger.Or would he be better off selling the whole coon for taxidermy purposes.I looked in the archives but found nothing about that.thanks to all who reply.

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sell them

This response submitted by nobody on 02/20/2004 at 21:40. ( )

I don't know what your time is worth, but thair is little market for coons in taxidermy. Bobcats yes, coons no. the fur trade is up from past years. you may get 10$ to 15$ each depending on size,zone, ect. If you won't one to hang I would tan it first.

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