syn-tan ?

Submitted by Dan P on 02/21/2004 at 08:56. ( )

After I brush on the syn-tan how long should it sit folded,and should it be in the fridge while it is soaking in.

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Difficult to answer!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 02/21/2004 at 09:36. ( )

Your question is very vague - there are many Syn-Tans out there - but only a few suitable for tanning. However - any of them - once oiled, they should be placed somewhere warm - not cold - to soak up the oil. Cold would retard taking up the oil. Avoid it.


This response submitted by Dan P on 02/21/2004 at 09:47. ( )

I am using the tanning kit that has saftee acid with syn-oil tan from van-dykes,they dont give you any instuctions. The cape is for a w/t mount,after its pickled,neutalized,rinsed,should the cape and oil be room temp before appling it,should i leave it at room temp over night then put it in a bag to sweat it before i mount it.Thanks for your help!

it depends....

This response submitted by Griz on 02/21/2004 at 16:54. ( )

Van Dykes syn-oil tan claims you can brush it on and mount it right away, how ever most people don't do that. I pickle and rinse etc, then let drip dry or wrap it in a towel and let it the excess moisture escape from the skin side, then i heat my oil up in a microwave and pour it on then work it in the cape with a gloved hand and then i let it sit over night with hair side out, to let the hair start drying a bit. then i apply the oil again the next day and mount it after the second application of oil. Just remember a cold cape will not be effedted by the oil as well as a warm one will. I don't see a need to sweat, cause after i pickle my hide gets mounted before it dries, sweating is just to let the hide soften or in some instances - stretch.

call Van Dykes...

This response submitted by terryr on 02/23/2004 at 17:06. ( )

instructions came with my kit - they can email instructions

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