Hair Loss After freeze thaw!

Submitted by Steve Collins on 02/22/2004 at 20:25. ( )

I would like to know if after tanning you freeze and thaw more than one time if it will have an adverse effect on the cape mainly in the area of hair falling out in clumps. I had a cape that I tanned and froze then thawed when the form came. I dry fitted it only to find out that the form was wrong so I refroze the cape to wait for the new form to arrive. When I thawed again and mounted I notice patches of hair falling out wherever I touched it. Is this a direct result of freezing and thawing to many times or should you not freeze at all if you can avoid it.
Also I have been using krowtann 2000 and Im very pleased with the results of the tan, white and good stretch but the only other problem I encounter is some hair loss in the back at the base of the ears when positioning them. Its like the skin actually peels off the back of the ear.
Please inform
Thanks for the help.

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To much freeze thaw time.

This response submitted by John C on 02/22/2004 at 20:35. ( )

Why waste the time thawing? it takes time same as freezing any tanned hide is going to slip when you screw around with it.

Tan, freeze if needed then thaw once and mount it. Also wadding the cape up in a ball will cause slippage.

Hair/fur is an insulator, keeps cold out and heat in.


This response submitted by eric on 02/22/2004 at 23:15. ( )

im not taxidermist. but i am a tanner. id say your problem occured before tanning. if a hide is skinned in a timely manner. then pickeled through-out. your hair should be set well before you tan.
id also like to add that fox need no degreasing after the pickeling. i degrease slightly and very carefully right after relaxing. fox really have very very little fat to worry about. and they will slip very very fast if you treat them as being fatty. best to set that hair fast and tight. and remember fox are probably the easest animal to tan there is. most problems with fox come from over processing them.

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