Best Squirrel Tanning Method - Your Opinion

Submitted by Rebecca on 02/25/2004 at 20:06. ( )

I have heard many different options to this. I learned in school to use dentured alcohol or Liqui-Tan rather then salting method. I wish to attempt the salting method & wish some pointers having never attempted it on a squirrel. Either way - what way do you use? All opinions appreciated. =)
Thanks in advance!

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KROWTANN is all you need.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 02/25/2004 at 20:09. ( )

So simple and have had 100% successssss with it.

To answer your question

This response submitted by George on 02/25/2004 at 21:23. ( )

You need to completely flesh your squirrel. Then salt it with ordinary table salt. Make sure every spot on the flesh is covered. Let it set overnight. Next day, wash it off. At this time you have to decide if you want to pickle the hide or simply go to the paint on tan method. If you're going to pickle it, do so (That information can be gleaned from the archives under that orange icon to the left). If not, simply paint the LiquiTan on the hide, covering all the flesh with a good coat. Roll it with the flesh inside the fur and let it set in a cool place overnight. Next day, wash it out and mount or simply freeze with the LiquiTan still on the hide.

Denatured alcohol is not involved in any of these processes. It works much like dry preservative as an astringent. It will keep the hair from falling out, but does little for preservation of the hide. I'd suggest using DP after you take it out of the denatured alcohol if you're intending on using it.

DP is OK, but...

This response submitted by . on 02/25/2004 at 21:52. ( )

I like Mears spray tan better. Works great!

See, Krowtann is still the Best answer.

This response submitted by John C on 02/26/2004 at 16:22. ( )

Understand that squirrels slip easy, you hands can overheat the skin during all the handling.

Skin everything and straight into the Krowtann, 2 days later you can gently flesh it out and mount. Once its in the Krowtann its not going to slipp and your stretch will be excellent.


This response submitted by Joe on 03/01/2004 at 07:37. ( allseasonshunter )

I am only a begginner but i been practiceing with curatan with execellent results lots of stretch no slipping the only thing I dont like long process if you would like i could ship you one ! but a lot of guys are using Krowtan i want to try that to i read these forums everyday and I would have to say krowtan would be the way but if your not in a hurry here is my way 1st step i use Van Dykes ultrasoft I soak for 24 hours 1and quarter ounces to a gallon use 2 squirrels per gallon then i pull them out rinse put them in a pickle I use 1 gallon of water 1 lb salt half ounce saftee acid per 2 squirrels (my ph never rises )i leave them in three days on day day 2 i pull them out and peel any extra flesh with my fingers day 3 i pull them out neutralize them 14 minutes in a 2 gallons water 2 ounces baking soda per 2 squirrels ( i use 2 gallon neutralizer because one time i used 1 gallon and it slipped bad ) so i tryed 2 gallon never had a problem again then i take them out rinse ring out lay flat warm my curatan tan up in the microwave 30 seconds rub on let sit about 2 hours then mount the streech is excellent ! I dont salt it is a long process but i like it joe my email is i am only a begginner but you should try it if you have time !

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