Excellent Dealings with Dirty Creek Taxidermy and Tannery

Submitted by Chad Higgins on 02/23/2004 at 10:21. ( higginstaxidermy@hotmail.com )

I sent 5 hides to Dirty Creek Taxidermy and Tannery In Muskogee Oklahoma and had them back in two weeks. When I got them home, no holes and hides were in excellent shape. An A+ in my books and I would highly recommend Brent.

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May I ask what they charged.

This response submitted by Brian on 02/23/2004 at 13:08. ( antlers@alpinecom.net )

How much does it cost to have them tanned at Dirty Creek? I only do this as a hobby for family and friends, so I usually only mount 4-6 deer per year. I am not thrilled with the place that I send them to right now and would like to know more about Dirty Creek if you are happy with them.

What do they charge? Are the capes thin and stretchy?

The place I am sending them to now doesn't thin them anymore than what they have to, and they come back a "tan" color, rather than the "soft, white tan" that I am always reading about.

I would appreciate advice on Dirty Creek or any other place that does a nice job and will take small orders from guys like myself.


Dirty Creek Taxidermy

This response submitted by Chad on 02/23/2004 at 13:37. ( )

Give Brent a call 1-918-989-5465. He charged me $45 a hide, he does everything for you(turning,splitting,fleshing), all you have to do is send him a raw hide.


This response submitted by James Morrison on 02/24/2004 at 10:20. ( nowaytoday )

Brent did several W/T capes for me and all turned out well. The problem was that he has 2 prices, 1 for dry salted and 1 for raw and unturned. He charged me the higher price for the capes I sent him that were dry salted (should have charged me the lower rate). I informed him of the oversite and he informed me that that I would have $90.00 worth of credit. I tried to email him a couple of times after that to use the credit or get my money back and my e-mail went unanswered. Maybe just the computer, but I doubt it. That's my 2 cents (or $90.00) worth.

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