Tannery in PENN

Submitted by os on 02/28/2004 at 19:46. ( )

Coded in skins today and found one of our packing lists was modified by another tannery, and they put their company logo on it. I know this because, in the fine print, the name of the company I work for was scratched out with a pen. You know who you are. Damn, are you that broke that you cant make your own packing slips?! By the way, this a well known tannery. We coded in about 3 hundred boxes today. If you need the empty boxes, we can sure help yall on that too. This message is for that Penn. tannery that must have have a bad cash flow problem. Looks like someone lost another customer!

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This response submitted by Lonestar on 02/28/2004 at 20:11. ( )

Are you sure it was the tannery that sent the packing slip in or the taxidermist? Sometimes I will get skins in with loose leaf paper notes with a business card stapled to it. Not a thing wrong with any form of communication as long as the order is accurate.

Hard to imagine why a company would do a thing like that....must be some kind of a message...


Thats what I thought

This response submitted by os on 02/28/2004 at 20:37. ( )

The taxidermist sent us the packing list with white lables put over the name of the tannery. [held up to the light] The name of our tannery was in very small print at the bottom, and was scratched out with a pen. No message, just plain slack! And no, I am not up to my old tricks. Another words, they replaced our name with theirs..


This response submitted by Glen on 02/29/2004 at 11:03. ( mrstuff @ ptd.net )

I'd like to know the name of that tannery, I'd like to know that i dont have anything there,please e-mail me direct

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