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I've only been doing taxidermy a short time. Needless to say, I still go to a pro for all my own trophies. I've been going to this guy for about 10 years now and I'm amazed with his work. He sets up this Christmas display every year with 3 lifesize deer in his front yard. He leaves them out there the whole holiday season even if it snows! If I hadn't driven by and actually seen them there with a couple of inches of snow on them I wouldn't believe it myself. He tells me they are all about 20-25 years old. I've seen them up close at other times and they look like they're still in great shape. Anyone know what kind of tanning process allows him to do this? He does all his tanning in-house also. I'd ask him myself, but I'm sure he wouldn't tell me if he thinks I could possibly become competition for him someday.

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liquid tanning

This response submitted by wesley kevenaar on 02/29/2004 at 09:44. ( wesleykevenaar585@hotmail.com )

i think he uses a liquid tanning method there are diffrent kinds
of tanning,but i don't think the trophy's are waterproof,much luck with your trophy's Greetzz from .holland

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