Rawhide as dog bones

Submitted by Robert B on 02/27/2004 at 20:34. ( RBJWtaxi@aol.com )

Ive been studying formulas for rawhide however Im wondering if the bones bought in the store have used lime for hair removil and acid that is ok for a dog and some even advertise healthy is there a special way to go about rawhide dog treats? any feedback would be apriciated

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Carefull with those......

This response submitted by wayne on 02/28/2004 at 22:10. ( )

Don't know of the formulas you need, but do know of the consequences rawhide can have on some dogs. Some larger breeds like my lab tend to gulp their food rather than chew thouroughly after taking large bites.
More than once mine has choked rather severly on larger pieces which is not a pretty sight or sound. Also, these pieces can lodge or become impacted in the intestines and lead to a life threatening condition to your dog and your wallet.

Needless to say, mine no longer gets anything in rawhide treats.

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