Salmon skin tanning in a environmental friendly way

Submitted by Susan Lunddahl & Melina Larsen on 03/01/2004 at 07:32. ( )

We are doing a project in Denmark on fish tanning ( mostly salmon skins) and have been searching for the right way to tan.

We have so far been using Alun ,salt and water. but we can't get them soft enough and smellfree. We are planning to use the skins for clothing.

We prefer to use the most environmental friendly ways /methods.
Any help at all would be much appreciated

Susan & Melina

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Enviormental friendly?

This response submitted by Randy on 03/01/2004 at 15:27. ( )

I could not resist. All the enviro's that I know would not kill the poor salmon and tan his hide. So, this "Enviormentaly Friendly" fad, is a bunch of crap. If you want to tan salmon skins use the best process and be prudent with the waste products. Why would you choose a sub standard tanning method? Just so you could sell poor quality enviormentaly tanned salmon hides? Your true envior's won't buy them anyway.

It sounds like........!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 03/01/2004 at 17:16. ( )

It sounds like you have some strict environmental laws that you have to live with. I'm assuming that you want to process Salmon skins as a by-product of your fishing industry. It shouldnt be a problem if you want to have an environmentally friendly system - some of the more modern tannages can benefit you. Alum is definitely out! If you want leather for garments or Accessories - it simply will not hold up! You'll never find any shoes made from Alum tanned skins - and for good reasons!

Please e-mail me and I can suggest some excellent alternatives for you. My e-mail is

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