Krowtann question

Submitted by Bojack on 03/02/2004 at 10:20. ( )

I have tried the Krowtan and seem to be having pretty good results. I do have a few questions though. Thought maybe some of you guys on the forums that use it could answer. After doing my final fleshing the skin seems to be off white in most areas, but around nose and lips and lower chin area the skin seems to be a light brown. Is this normal or should it be white also?

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Normal color for Krowtann

This response submitted by Danny on 03/02/2004 at 10:46. ( )

Bojack, The colors you discribed are what I have on my capes and skins when I use Krowtann 2000 . I know that there have been a few on here that don't like Krowtann ,but I have tanned everything from mink to elk with it and I personally really like it . You don't get the white like you do with the brush on tans , but the stretch is great and so far I have had no problems at all , just did a bobcat last week and it turned out great. There also have been a few that have questioned how Krowtann will hold up years from now . From what I can find out it is similiar in substance to the Alum tans we used years ago . I have a deer mount on the wall that I mounted in 1966 and it has held up well . this is just my opinion , I am sure others have their own on this tan .

Thanks Danny

This response submitted by Bojack on 03/02/2004 at 10:53. ( )

Was just curious what everyone elses was looking like.
Thanks again,

I have had great results

This response submitted by Old MAn on 03/02/2004 at 13:25. ( )

I too have tanned with Alum many moons ago and they are all still just as good (or as bad) as the day I mounted them. I have heard that in time the Alum tanns turns acidic but I really don't know. Mabey one of the experts will comment.

God Bless

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