Where can I send a customer

Submitted by Lisa Lee on 03/02/2004 at 10:31. ( )

I have a customer that has a beaver skin and bobcat skin that he wants tanned, so he can use them for a quiver. Here is my problem, I don't know what he did to them but they look tanned but the hide side looks more salt dryed, but the fur is still on and looks to be in good condition. I only do deer heads so i can't help him with this hoping someone might suggest a place he could send it. Thanks

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air dried?

This response submitted by david on 03/02/2004 at 10:49. ( )

sounds like the skin is air dried...you should be able to just rehydrate and tan just like you do to a deer after it is salt dried.


I use....

This response submitted by Lisa Lee on 03/02/2004 at 11:10. ( )

I use an auto tanner. Would this give the same result as a "chamois" looking dry tan?

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