prices on skins

Submitted by the chris on 03/03/2004 at 00:47. ( )

hey yall i have 2 beaver skins, 2 coons, 5 deer, how much could i charge for the raw skins and how much for the tanned skins i'm in alabama if it helps

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This response submitted by Feng Suing on 03/03/2004 at 02:32. ( )

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This response submitted by curtis on 03/03/2004 at 19:06. ( )

here in Missouri i pay $10.00 for a large fleshed beaver, don't know about coon'. i pay $5.00 for most deer hides, up to $10. too $12. if skined right with no knife marks.I only brain tan buckskin.

kansas fur

This response submitted by Brett on 03/06/2004 at 02:05. ( )

here in Kansas i am getting $15.00 for top coon and $85.00 for top bobcat 's for fur market price unfleshed and no i will not buy them it is out of season.


This response submitted by skinner on 03/25/2004 at 12:00. ( )

I have some prime texas panhandle cats frozen green in good shape do you know where i can sell them

Fred skinner

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