vegetal tanning process

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I am interesting in tanning a piece of caw skin with a vegetal tanning process. I have found many articles or book explaining how to tan a hide, but I haven't found information on the quantity of products I need. I want to use oak bark and follow a traditional european process.

Does anyone know a "recipe" of bark tanning ? and the quantity of product I need ? Or could anyone recommend me books or so ?

Thanks for your help.

Annick Vuissoz

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Check out

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"The Complete Book of Tanning Skins and Furs" by James E. Churchill. (ISBN 0-8117-1719-4)

That book covers vegetable tanning methods, tea tannning rabbit skins, all the alum methods, chrome methods, etc.

Also has a chapter on tool making and projects.

Good starting point for the more traditional tanning techniques.

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