turtle shells

Submitted by losing-it-quickly on 03/09/2004 at 19:35. ( )

ok like what is best way to get the meat off the shell and what do i need to do to preserve/finish them if anything is needed to do them that is and also what about a soft-shell can you keep them shell on them or are they just trash ? thanks yall, god bless

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me again

This response submitted by losing-it-quickly on 03/10/2004 at 20:53. ( )

also can anyone tell me what people use turtle shells for thanks


This response submitted by j on 03/10/2004 at 21:53. ( )

i just cut all the meat of with a knife and scrape it out reel good and let it dry,tough work ,especially snappers,not an easy task,but it can be done,shells are used for all types of things,mostly native american crafts

hey j

This response submitted by losing-it-quickly on 03/10/2004 at 22:07. ( )

hey j do you know what kind of native american crafts and what about the soft shells will they work or what? thanks man god bless


This response submitted by Anthony on 03/26/2004 at 13:17. ( g.neidlinger@mchsi.com )

scrape out what you can with a knife then tie the shell securely to the top of a bird feeder. it will take a while but the birds will clean it out really well. ive used this with skulls before. soft shells really must be done by hand, if you tie them to the bird feeder the birds will eat the soft shell too. native americans used them a lot for moraccas and other musical instruments. they would also break the top from the bottom and use the tops as bowls or for grinding up spices and herbs. to make the shell look nice when the birds are done use a clear glossy coat like you would use on stained wood. this will also make the colors a little more distinct.

Brush and Drill

This response submitted by Franallan on 03/26/2004 at 22:29. ( darkside15688@yahoo.com )

I clean my shells out with a long, 3/4 inch diameter steel brush, made to put into a drill, with an 8" bit extension. Using a higher speed drill literally tears out all the meat.

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