Marine Mammal Protection Act

Submitted by Tetawon on 03/11/2004 at 02:32. ( )

I have received emails regarding my post about tanning Sea Otters that border on outright solicitation to sell raw hides. While I have been polite and informative regarding the Marine Mammal Protection Act in my replies, I will report these felony solicitations (providing emails and IP addresses) to the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service in Juneau Alaska! It is a felony to solicit the sale of marine mammal hides or parts, so please don't contact me with these criminal inquiries unless you are hoping to relocate to Club Fed!

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Good work Titawon

This response submitted by Tim on 03/11/2004 at 18:29. ( )

You are doing a bang up job. Keep up the great work. If I ever have any problems with criminals in my area I will be sure to call you. Also if you ever need anymore info on this site go $%&* yourself.

All you have to do is E-mail each individual back with the reason why you absolutely cannot sell these items. We would surely be doomed without you...

two thumbs for tim

This response submitted by j on 03/11/2004 at 21:53. ( )

i said the same thing,he went and said he was giving the feds my ip adress and everything ,and turning me in ,fcol ,im 20 years old and im not trying to be some smugler off illegal furs an such .GEEZ


This response submitted by Tetawon on 03/11/2004 at 23:31. ( )

"j" sent me an email (from an adelphia ISP in Buffalo New York) stating, "would you know where i would beable to purchase some.thanks joe" with the subject line of "sea otters."

By no stretch of the imagination was this anything but a request for "sea otters" as in the subject line of the email! I replied nicely and stated that I was assuming he must be inquiring about some "finished" products, as solicitation of the sale of marine mammals is a felony, that I would have to report. Read it for yourself:

The Marine Mammals Protection Act (Federal) prohibits posession of or sale to non-Native Americans. Specifically, here in Alaska, only Native members enrolled into one of the Alaska Native Corporations may subsistance hunt these creatures. I am Yuchi (Muscogee Creek Nation from Oklahoma) and no part Native Alaskan. Therefore, I cannot even legally negotiate resale of marine mammals.

My wife (Siberian Yupik Eskimo) does make sea otter blankets, spotted seal fur crafts, ivory carvings, beadwork, masks and assorted ethnic Eskimo crafts. She is a Federally registered artist and provides "Silver Hands" tags from the Federal Government with all of her creations. However, she only makes sea otter blankets for family members and then, only for the most special of occassions.

If seriously interested, to my knowledge, there exists only one sea otter blanket available for public resale in the US. It is Alaskan made with Artic Fox bordering the edges. At $21,000.00 you can see it at . No one in my family is anyway associated with this company or with this item. I would contact a Federal Fish and Wildlife Officer before making any purchase of any marine mammal product offered over the internet!

It is also against the law to solicit sale of marine mammal hides or parts unless you are an Alaskan Native and bartering with another. So, if you are seriously interested in purchasing a finished product from sea otter, I recommend contacting a major fur company in your area, IN PERSON. Calling one and asking about buying a sea otter will get you a visit from a federal fish and wildlife officer! Explain (in person) to the fur company that you are interested in locating a specific product made from this rare fur and let them locate it for you. A sea otter blanket is not easy to come by, as most (not all) Eskimos will not sell such cherished things outside their Native communities. Sea otter hunting is so well maintained by the Alaska Native Corporations, that the Feds have never enacted seasons or quotas on hunting these marine mammals. It is a social taboo to hunt these for product resale to outsiders!

I am assuming that your inquiry to me was regarding purchasing a finished blanket product and not individual raw or tanned sea otter hides. Again, making such an inquiry for hides is a serious felony in the United States and something that I would feel the necessity to report."

Let me enlighten you idiots. The Feds don't regulate the seasons or harvest quotas of sea otters here in Alaska, as Alaska Natives don't hunt them for outsiders or tolerate &^%$ing @$$holes soliciting their unlawfull harvest for their greed. So long as we maintain this vigilence, the Feds sit back and closely watch that we do maintain self-governance and cooperation against those soliciting illegal traffic in protected species AND THEY LEAVE US ALONE! For all I know, this "j" is a Federal Fish n Feathers Officer...and Tim is his RCMP rump buddy.

I sent friendly warnings to those of you stupid enough to make felony solicitations and have not and was not going to refer these to the Federal Fish and Wildlife, unless someone persisted. Rather than have to answer any more idiots, I made this post here to warn others off. However, it's not my job to educate a bunch of morons about federal laws, one at a time, so get over yourself Tim, aye.

Making a post to protect myself from annoying idiots or entrapment solicitations is going out of my way to protect stupid people from themselves. However, my patience is short when someone like "j a.k.a. Joe Gabs" receives the above email from me and then further flaunts his "attitude" in this forum. So go $%&* yourselfs and wonder if I've already "dropped the dime."

Like iI said Tit

This response submitted by Tim on 03/12/2004 at 08:32. ( )

You da man, and we would all surely be totally lost without your incredible knowledge and dedication to informing the law of all that happens.

Now go play on the freeway!

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