Bruce Rittel's Tanning Videos

Submitted by Christina on 03/13/2004 at 22:21. ( )

I am going to order one of Bruce Rittel's tanning videos from WASCO this week, and I can't decide which one. There are 3 seminar videos: Troubleshooting Tanning for Taxidermists, Tanning Techniques for Taxidermists, and Tanning for the Taxidermist. Has anyone seen these?

I am looking for the video that would be the most in depth, NOT the most beginner one. I am looking to improve the tans I get in my studio setup (not commercial).

Is there one or more of these, and/or another tanning video out there that someone could recommend?

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!
C. :)

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i've seen the last two

This response submitted by john w. on 03/19/2004 at 11:51. ( )

Christina,I have the last two videos you mentioned-very informative well worth the money.

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