Battery Acid

Submitted by jason parker on 03/14/2004 at 22:05. ( )

i found a tanning method that uses battery acid. does anyone know where to buy it?

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Batt. Acid

This response submitted by David on 03/14/2004 at 23:20. ( )

Your local Auto Parts store.

Do a search..

This response submitted by cyclone on 03/15/2004 at 08:23. ( )

There's plenty in the archives on the negative aspects of using it..


This response submitted by Griz on 03/15/2004 at 10:48. ( )

My local mechanics shop has it in bulk to replace and recharge batteries with, but they won't sell except in batteries. Also they said it was mandatory if they did sell it to report you to the authorities, i guess this has something to do with terrorists crap. Tim McVeigh blew up ok city with fertilizer and diesel fuel. And if you ever seen a battery blow up who knows what you could do with sulfuric acid. I know one thing is for sure, when you get Rittel's safetee acid on you it don't eat a hole in your britches like battery acid, and you can add it to the pickle as fast as you want and not worry bout it rapidly expanding and exploding or what ever. For all i know it is just a myth but i heard if you pour battery acid in too fast it expands or something so fast it causes a mini explosion.

Sulfuric acid

This response submitted by cyclone on 03/15/2004 at 12:46. ( )

Heats up tremendously when added to water. Water when heated creates steam when can expand rapidly, enough so to appear as an explosion. Sulfuric acid in your eyes and on your person is hazardous to say the least. Always add acid to water and never the it slowly..there are safer acids to use than sulfuric..

sulfuric acid

This response submitted by eric on 03/15/2004 at 17:35. ( )

yes, some of the above is true. also a bear trap will kill you if you stick your head in it.
it is a more dangerous acid than some. wear gloves, wear eye protection. to play devils advocate here. it is a low cost good pickel acid. tanners like it sometimes because it produces a very soft skin. also it tends not to swell the hide as much as other acids sometimes do. it is available to the carefull customer at ace hardware. sold as liguid fire in a red bottle. add it to your cool water salt mixture slowly and with the above protection.
once mixed at 1/2 oz. to one gal. the pickel is very safe to handle.
actually you can use it a little stronger than most other acids. i use about 18-20 oz. [fluid oz.] to 30 gal of salt water. avoid the fumes the same as with muriatic acid.

god bless america


This response submitted by jason parker on 03/15/2004 at 20:10. ( )

thanks everyone

Well you started...

This response submitted by cyclone on 03/16/2004 at 08:40. ( )

Go ahead and use it. I meerly gave a more detailed caution because of the mention of being explosive.

What I didn't mention about sulfuric is that if it is not properly neutralized and the sulfates not removed, you'll need a chemist to figure that out, it will continue to react for years after the mount is finished.

Look at all those old library books that the government is trying to salvage. The pages are yellowed and brittle, falling apart. Why? Because sulfuric acid was used in the pulping process for making the paper. The sulfates attract water and the acid is reformed.

Don't put your head in the bear trap...put it somewhere warm...

Why Gamble

This response submitted by Marc A on 03/22/2004 at 10:59. ( )

Why gamble with it when there are so many other safer and proven methods out there.

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