how long to freez

Submitted by jason parker on 03/17/2004 at 00:06. ( )

does it matter how long i keep skins in the freezer?

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no, not really

This response submitted by jimsoverns on 03/17/2004 at 03:40. ( )

i always double bag anything that i freeze,,,,this keeps the friged air away from your pelt and helps prevent freezer burn especially on noses and toes,,,,,,,,if it is skinned don't salt it just bag and freeze and ofcourse this also applies if it is whole,,,,hope this helps ,,,,,,,,,,jim


This response submitted by eric johnson on 03/17/2004 at 17:04. ( )

the only way i know to keep things in good condition in the freezer for long periods is to freeze them in water..


This response submitted by Lonestar on 03/18/2004 at 22:44. ( )

Too long: over a year. Result: freezer burn on the extremities. Especially the outer edges of ears on larger mounts, and whole ears and feet on small game. As far as keeping frozen in water: you need much more space in your freezer for that, but it will increase freezer time by a factor of 2. (Doubles the safe period)
Hope this helps.

freezer time

This response submitted by buckskincindy on 03/20/2004 at 00:13. ( )

I just thawed out some deerhides I'v had in the freezer for two years and they're fine. However, I left the hair on, folded and wrapped tightly with the hair on the outside.I use mine to make leather. My boyfriend does taxadermy and when he freezes a cape he just makes sure that nose and ears are folded/wrapped into the middle of the bundle, then double wraps tightly in plastic bag and labels it. He's kept his up to a year with no problems.

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