deer cape wont rehydrate

Submitted by jd on 03/19/2004 at 13:00. ( )

i put 2 salt dried cape in a 55 gallon drum with water and salt. one cape hydrated within 12 hours, the other, after 24 hours is still hard around the neck area down through the chest(very hard). they have been in water the whole time. what should i do to get it soft again. could i try to put it in a pickle, then put in straight water to cause acid swell, then put in salt water to loose the swell, leaving me with a rehydrated hide. sounds risky, any ideas.


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pickle it

This response submitted by kk on 03/19/2004 at 14:45. ( )

at this point a week in the pickle stirring it around 2 times a day will soften it. with all my hides in my tannery i rehydrate in staight cold water (50 degrees) for 2 hours first, rinse in clean water drip for 1/2 hour put in the pickle for 2-3 days and shave.for hard to rehydrate items i use a rehydrater af from knoblocks. salt in your water to rehydrate slows it down. dont leave anything in staight water more than 6 hours get it in a pickle. i do this every time and never had hair fall out.

Try this

This response submitted by Steve A. on 03/19/2004 at 14:52. ( )

I've had the same trouble when I didn't thin the neck enough when it was in the pickle. Sound like the neck is still too thick. You might try stretching and pulling, even taking a blunt piece of metal or a table edge and working the hide against this. This sometimes helps a lot....Steve A.

Stop Rot

This response submitted by Ritchie on 03/19/2004 at 21:26. ( )

Stop Rot from Whitetail Designer Systems. Paint on ,let sit for about 1 hr. and pickle...good as new.

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