tannery degreaser

Submitted by red on 03/19/2004 at 18:12. ( )

I'm getting ready to make up some pickle and want to add tannery degreaser to the mix.Can I use this same pickle for raccoon and for deer if I put tannery degreaser in the pickle solution? Wil it hurt the deer? Or should I have a seperate pickle for fur-bearers? Is there something other than tannery degreaser that I can use? Thank in advance

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This response submitted by eric on 03/19/2004 at 18:34. ( beartrapman@webtv.net )

A chemical degreasing is usually only a 20 min. process or so. its ok to degreese in the pickel, but that pickel should be discarded. however, an enzyme degreaser will eat greeese in the pickel and is very safe because the little packman type molecules die when the are not needed.
i buy drain care frm the hardware store. its kind of expensive. the green liquid has a before and after picture on the label of a greese filled pipe and then the after using, clean walled pipe. costs about 7 bucks. use a 1/4 bottle to 30 gal. of pickel. its safe to over use but it may be expensive.


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