question regarding fleshing machines

Submitted by buckskincindy on 03/20/2004 at 00:04. ( )

I'm trying to decide what would be the best fleshing machine to buy under 1,400.00. I need it to shave my deer hides thinner to make soft leather. Also, how to get in touch with the company that makes them. OR...if anyone has a really good used machine I might be interested.

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Did you look in the ARCHIVES?

This response submitted by George on 03/20/2004 at 09:35. ( )

Just hit that "SEARCH" key and type in "fleshing machines". You'll find that a lot of blood has been spilled on this site over that subject. Read it all and THEN you see if you have any questions. I think you'll find they've all been answered a dozen times before.

Quebec Lite

This response submitted by Steve A. on 03/20/2004 at 16:38. ( )

Take a look at the new Quebec Lite. This is a full sized machine that is reasonably priced.

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