Codes on hides?

Submitted by Lee on 03/21/2004 at 16:27. ( )

okay this might be a stupid question to most of you..but i am getting pretty busy and am not having time to tan my own hides. now i know you have to code you hides before they head off to the tannery. my question is do they tell you the code or do you use your own or what. also how do i determine my capes apart, who's is who's...should i use a different code on each hide? i need to send some out but am alittle confused about this matter..thank you for any advice...

thank you,

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You make up your own

This response submitted by George on 03/21/2004 at 17:01. ( )

Click the "SEARCH" icon and type in "punch coding hides" it should tell you. An example is .::.:: for 122122. I just code by my shop job numbers.

Code Your Own......

This response submitted by Old Fart on 03/21/2004 at 18:25. ( )

....... So that you will be able to identify them when the come back. The tanner will put their own code on the so that they will know yours from the rest and get the right ones back to you. Ask your tanner how(where) you should mark the skins for your purposes. You DON'T want to mark them in the same place the tanner does.

We tag each hide

This response submitted by Jeff on 03/21/2004 at 23:21. ( )

The way we do it is as follows:
1. taxidermist tags each hide, you can use your customer name for example, or a name with a # (attach to each hide)
2. we assign our own hide # and reference it with your tag description
3. our sales order will have both our hide # and your specific tag ID
4. for shipping,each item will then be bagged with both our hide # and your hide ID #

Our info:
Trophy Game Tanning, LLC
P.O. Box 55
334 Broadway
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

Toll Free: 877 783-7682

Tags Are Great.....

This response submitted by Old Fart on 03/22/2004 at 19:57. ( )

......If your tanner allows them. Check with them before you attach tags, they may remove them and then you have a real problem. They can't remove a punch code

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