Any good tanneries in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan?

Submitted by Craig Oas on 03/26/2004 at 14:15. ( )

Im just woundering if there are any good tanneries in the UP. Cause im goin to be starting my own business and if there are I would like to know. If there isn't any were would be the closest or best? I would appreciate any help. I would even like to know about if there any close in Wisconsin. Thank You.

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Tannery in WI

This response submitted by Jeff on 03/26/2004 at 22:06. ( )

We are located in Sheboygan Falls, WI.

Trophy Game Tanning, LLC
334 Broadway
P.O. Box 55
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

phone toll free 877-783-7682
fax 920 467-8694

We provide full tanning services for taxidermists and hunters. We do hair on, and hair off leather . Give us a call

The Wildlife Gallery

This response submitted by Ernie on 03/27/2004 at 10:18. ( )

Great people great turnaround. Great tanning.

Trophy Game Tanning

This response submitted by Len on 03/27/2004 at 15:34. ( )

Hi Craig, I have personally dealt with Trophy Game Tanning and I am very satisfied with there service and tanning.I would highly recommend them.

H&H Fur Dressing

This response submitted by Mark on 03/29/2004 at 16:40. ( )

We are located in Mecosta, Mi. That is about 20 miles west of Mt. pleasant. Our turn around time is 90 day's or less. we haven't gone over 90 day's in ten years. If you would like a price list, please feel free to give me a call # (231) 972-7102 I have got a great deal going for spring Bears. (45 day's) This is really a great tan!

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