washing out Dry Preservative

Submitted by MichelleW on 03/29/2004 at 20:33. ( blacktail21@hotmail.com )

Can I was Dry Preservative out of a doe cape? I want to tan it instead. I've washed Borax out of capes and tanned them. Just wondering if I can do the same with DP. Thanks a bunch. MichelleW

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This response submitted by George on 03/29/2004 at 21:52. ( georoof@aol.com )

That is: within reason. If they're years old, don't bank on it. Also when you go to tan them be EXTREMELY careful of the pH of your pickle/tan. DP and Borax are on the "base" or alkali end of the pH scale while acid is on the other.

Thank you George

This response submitted by MichelleW on 03/29/2004 at 22:36. ( blacktail21@hotmail.com )


I usualy use Borax on capes while I flesh and turn everything on a deer cape. Every cape I have tanned I have not had a problem with. Every once and a while i guess i don't get it all off of the hide and i have to adjust my pickle to drop the pH. This doe cape is in the freazer ready to mount as is. It has had the DP on it for about 6 weeks. I just decided to go ahead and tan it. I'm use to mounting everything with DP. I've mounted a tanned deer and hog and just figurred that this doe cape would be good practice for me. I thought it would be OK to wash out , but i wasn't sure if anything else in the DP would react badly to the acid in the pickle.


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