oiling the skin?

Submitted by Steve A. on 03/31/2004 at 11:42. ( 4anders@nemontel.net )

I just finished tanning a few beaver and I'm noticing they aren't as soft as I would like. They may still be a hair too thick. (I'm still learning to run my new fleshing machine.) And yes, they do have several new holes that my machine cut in them due to my lack of experience. (but I am getting better at this shaving process.) I've been pickling, fleshing, pickling, and fleshing some more to get them thin. But even the thinner parts of the skin are not as soft as I would like. I'm wondering if my oiling could be at fault.

I've heard that some people double oil. I'm just wondering when do you put the 2nd coat of oil on?

I'm also wondering if I should warm the skin up by running hot water on it prior to oiling. I tan with lutan-F. I do warm my oil in the micro-wave prior to oiling, but my skins may be a little too cool when I apply the oil to them. At any rate, I'm wondering if the oil isn't penetrating deep enough. Thanks for your input. Steve A.

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This response submitted by eric johnson on 03/31/2004 at 11:50. ( beartrapman@webtv.net )

are you using an enzyme in your pickel?
aslo, i would not use a microwave to warm the oil. im not sure but it may render the positive charge nutral. try warming the oil pot in a hot water bath.
i think double oiling will help now, some. i would rehydrate in some salt water with ammonia added.
drip over night then go.
glad your getting good on the shaver. but i thick that is not the problem. sounds chemical.
hope this helps some. good luck

Amonnia? what does that do fir the pH?

This response submitted by John C on 03/31/2004 at 19:20. ( )

See bad info on using ammonia! It is ver alkaline. What can dehair a hide? high pH!

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