hair slippage

Submitted by george on 03/31/2004 at 14:52. ( )

Recently I have had some trouble with hair slippage on deer capes. In general the hair is loose and not falling out in large patches. I rehydrate in saltwater, pickle in formic acid, and static tan. Often times I won't notice the loose hair until the drumming process. I had a batch of 15 deer capes of which about 4 slipped upon rehydration at the taxidermists. Any suggestions?

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You need to narrow down the playing field.

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 03/31/2004 at 15:20. ( )

You need to get some magnification on the follicle end of the hair shaft, and see if the follicle is still there, or if the hair is burned in two at skin level. Good eyes and a magnifying glass may be enough to distinguish.

Go to Check out the article "Beyond the Senses". Those photos show you what I am talking about. If you need any more help, or explanations, my e-mail address is posted above.

More information needed

This response submitted by Mike on 04/01/2004 at 15:36. ( )

How were the capes prepped prior to rehydrating, how were they rehydrated, what tanning agent did you use, did you check pH, what was the salt content of your pickle? All are important. What were the volumes of the solutions you used? rehydrating,pickling and tanning?

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