rehydrating Mountainlion cape

Submitted by Tyler Tipton on 04/04/2004 at 14:20. ( )

I have a lion cape that was salted for two years by another taxidermist before i started doing my own. when i got it back i put it directly in the pickle for about 5 days this didn't soften it up much so I put it direwctly in the tanning solution thinking it would soften with time but no luck i ordered a rehydrating solution but i'm afraid to use it for fear it will slip is there anything i should do before putting it in the wetting solution he hadn't shaved the cape at all so i need to rehydrate it so i can shave it and mount it. this is my own lion and i really dont want to lose it he already lost my buffalo cape becouse it slipped letting the moisture getinto it thanks for your help tyler tipton

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the cape does not rehydrate in the pickle...

This response submitted by . on 04/04/2004 at 14:43. ( . )

hopefully you didn't mess up the cape that should have rehydrated the cape before the pickle.....why would you skip this step? and with a mt. lion? I think Stop-rot might the archieves

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