Thinning between pickling

Submitted by Sean S on 04/14/2004 at 18:13. ( )

After perusing the archives I still cannot find an answer. After the initial pickle I want to thin the face of a fisher, and remove the ear cartlidge. To do this safely do I have to neutralize the skin, before I handle it to thin it? I am using Safety Acid, and will be using gloves, but I want to know how safe the acid is when coming into contact with skin etc.

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Sean S

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This response submitted by John C on 04/14/2004 at 18:37. ( )

A while back some idiot told one person to neutralized before fleshing. THIS IS WRONG WRONG WRONG! YOU WILL SLIP THE HAIR.

Never neutralize between pickle and shaving and repickle.

I pickle, shave, pickle, shave prep for tan, This way the hide stays adicfied and no bacteria will grow.

After you are happy with the thinned skin and it is shaved to your liking,

Neutralize and procceed with tanning.


This response submitted by sean s on 04/14/2004 at 19:19. ( )

Thanks for the help John...that is what I expected.

How then do I handle the skin safely since it is soaking in acid/pickle? Is it safe simply to handle as if it were a vineger pickle? There is nothing except the standard disclaimers..." flush eyes after contact, don't ingest, don't get it on your skin..."

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Rubber gloves, most of the acids are pretty ruff on humans

This response submitted by John C on 04/14/2004 at 21:46. ( )

you can use latex surgical gloves, buy them by the case on ebay. I sometimes go through 5 pair or more a day. But its better than what can be absorbed through the skin.

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