Air-dried buffalo hide Is it still tannable?

Submitted by jd on 04/15/2004 at 03:13. ( )

I shot a buffalo(bison) in December and my buddy who guided me said that it would be alright to air dry it. We got all of the meat off of the hide and let it dry outside where the tempature was in the low 30's. None of the hair is or has slipped, but it is now rock-hard. I don't think I could bend it much to send it somewhere, so I will probably have to drop it off at a tannery. Can anyone tell me if it is still good? Thanks a lot for helping me out with this one in advance. jd

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This response submitted by Jeff on 04/15/2004 at 09:16. ( )

An air dried skin typically does not have as nice a leather as a hide that has been salt cured. The air dried skin does not re-hydrate as easily. We have tanned both types. As long as the hair does not slip when re-hydrating, it should be OK. The leather tends to be a little waxier feeling and has less fulness and roundness than does a salt dried skin.

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