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Submitted by jake on 04/12/2004 at 22:44. ( )

how would i go about tanning a hide so that it was hairless? would i use the same method of tanning a hide then strip the fur off somehow? any input would be appreciated. thanks!

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This response submitted by Dean on 04/12/2004 at 22:59. ( )

The tanning is done the same but there are a couple steps needed to done before that. Click on the orange search button and you will find your answer. I'm sure it will be in there. If not, then repost and somone on here will help.


This response submitted by newbirdman on 04/13/2004 at 06:18. ( )

Jake , soak the hide in a bucket with water and lime . I believe builders lime , not the stuff for your lawn . Let it soak for a few weeks and keep stiring it until the hair pulls off easily . Read the archives because there is other stuff to do before and after you soak it also . Rick


This response submitted by e on 04/13/2004 at 13:31. ( beartrapman@webtv.net )

after you dehair with lime there is a "bating" process. it involves an enzyme being replaced in the leather. better ask bruce. some use dog poop i have heard.
but better ask Rittel

braintan it

This response submitted by Pa Trapper on 04/13/2004 at 17:38. ( )


Remove the grain layer, work emulsified oils into the fibers, and soften, smoke to retail softness. See above site for in depth details. Not one red cent needs to be spent on tanning chemicals.

Use Dehairing Agent

This response submitted by John on 04/13/2004 at 23:37. ( )

I use the dehairing kit from Van Dykes and it works great. It is nothing more than slaked lime. The dehair kit is like 8 bucks and will do a few skins. Make sure you flesh it really good before you put it in the lime. Stir it around in the solution as often as you can. It will take a while for the hair to start slipping but once it starts it comes off very easy and in huge clumps. Once you have followed all of the steps it is ready to pickle shave and tan. Be warned to keep these dehairing agents away from skins that are meant for hair on tanning. I had a mishap and got a cape with bald spots. OUCH !

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