auto tanner recipies

Submitted by Trent H. on 04/23/2004 at 10:07. ( )

To those of you that have been using the auto tanners, what would you consider the best recipe of tan that you use? I have been playing around with some and have not put a finger down on a particular one. Also, is it better to add the tanning oil after your done tanning or to add it to your tanning solution in the tanner during this process? Thanks for any help.

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This response submitted by Ron on 04/23/2004 at 10:47. ( )

I'm sure there are a hundred of them, but what I have used with great success is: 1 packet of Arrowhead tan with 1 gallon warm water for each cape and run for 2 hours, drain and shave, then add 2- 4 ounces of EZ 100 and run 2 more hours, if I feel it is thin enough then drain, if not shave again and run for another hour drain and oil, let set overnight and then either tumble and mount or freeze.


This response submitted by Trent H. on 04/23/2004 at 11:03. ( )

Thanks Ron, any help is greatly appreciated.

How much stretch?

This response submitted by Randall on 04/24/2004 at 17:16. ( )

Ron, Do you get good stretch with this method? Do you just add the EZ 100 to the arrowhead tan? Randall


This response submitted by Ron on 04/24/2004 at 22:39. ( )


Yes, the stretch is fine as long as the cape is thinned well. I just add the EZ 100 to the original mix. I test fit the cape and if it is tight I rub with Downy and refrigerate overnite. I have tried many different combinations, but this seems to work fine for me

Same here

This response submitted by Jack F on 04/25/2004 at 14:38. ( )

I use almost the same method as Ron. I stopped using EZ100 quite a while ago, don't try fixing something thats not broke. I would add one more step with the ez100. After the second run and you are complete with tanning you should rinse the cape hair side out this gets alot of the ez100 out of the hair. If you dont rinse, when you mount after it dries you get alot of powder that keeps coming out of the hair and makes a mess. I always oil after the tanning. Jack F.

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