Tanning Buffalo

Submitted by Hank on 04/23/2004 at 02:07. ( horns@stuff@hotmail.com )

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions onto which tanning agent did the best job of really putting a quality tan into buffalo, as far as really soft and suedy? I was thinking of either Lutan F or EZ100. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Hank

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If you are not experienced at tanning.

This response submitted by Todd B on 04/23/2004 at 09:48. ( )

I would recommend getting it done professionaly. A Buffalo is a big job and a tannery knows how to do it. They also clean the hair to get out the debris that weere left in the long hairs. The shaving down of the skin is another story because of its huge size and weight. Unless this is a small animal check out the tanneries. And then there comes the Giant tumbler that is needed to work the hide to get the softness you are asking for. Do yourself a favor and send it off. I had mine done at Advantage Fur Dressing in Houston Texas and they did a very nice job.

Todd B

We chrome tan the bison hide

This response submitted by Jeff on 04/24/2004 at 01:03. ( sterntanning@powercom.net )

Chrome provides a nice round feel and softness. Chrome stands up to water and perspiration. We also electrify the hair which leaves it soft and shiny.

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This response submitted by wilson on 04/24/2004 at 11:35. ( )

How do you electrify the hair?


This response submitted by Jeff on 04/24/2004 at 19:23. ( sterntanning@powercom.net )

We use ironing machines designed for woolskins.

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