salinmeter question

Submitted by thomas on 04/21/2004 at 12:11. ( )

I have searched the archives and cant really find my answer. I use Van Dyke pickling crystals and would like to know what the correct reading on the salinmeter should be. In the archives many responses have been 40-43%, whenever I mix my pickle exactly like the instructions say I end up with my salinmeter reading around 70-75%. My question is, is this right? Am I reading the meter right, is the number that is at the fluid level the percentage or is what is left to add to 100 the percentage. I have taken readings with 5 gal of water and 10 gal with 1lb of salt per gallon and I always come up with the 70-75% reading so it seems to me that there is a consistancy. If anyone could give me some help I would really appreciate it. thank you....Tom

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The correct method of reading one is........!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 04/21/2004 at 23:31. ( )

The correct method of reading one is to let it float free and take your reading where the surface of the water crosses the calibration scale. These hydrometers work much the same way that Salt increases the body's bouyancy. The more Salt in solution, the higher the hydrometer floats.

From what you say - you appear to be using it correctly. But - usually 1 Lb. of Salt (1 1/2 cupfuls) reads around 40% - not 70%. How are you weighing out your Salt? Perhaps you're using too much. Try using 1 1/2 cupfuls - thats very close to 1 Lb..

thanks bruce

This response submitted by thomas on 04/25/2004 at 15:31. ( )

Thanks for the help, the way i have been weighing my salt is that i took a 1lb container that salt comes in from the store and use that, i figured that would be a accurate way to measure out 1 lb, i will compare my container to the 1 1/2 cups like you have suggested. If i am using too much salt will that affect the quality of the finished tan? again thanks for the help!

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