Ear Rehydration

Submitted by Lance on 04/28/2004 at 01:56. ( )

Hello guys N Gals,
Got a quick question. I had a few Deer Capes dry tanned and went through the rehydration process with a couple gallons of water with a bit of dawn dishsoap for about 10 mins. Let em hang n drip for about 15 mins then bagged n put in fridge overnight but it seems as if the ear cartilage didn't become pliable enough for mounting. I didn't let them dry too long and didn't know how to handle this so I froze them until I can get an answer. Hope this was the right thing to do.Just need to know what to do now? Any suggestions will be helpful.
Thanks, Lance

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Dawn Soap?

This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 04/28/2004 at 04:52. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

I don't know where you got that from but your all wrong. You should be using some kind of fabric softner in your water.
To a gallon of water use a cap full of downey or other softner,
4 oz. of salt soak for 15 50 20 minutes and then bag it. If overnight doesn't work then redo it the next day. That should and will rehydrate the hide with no problems.
I hope you rinsed the soap out of the hide well. If not it will dry with a greasy look. Rinse the hide well and then procede to mount it.

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