Whats the story with interstate tannery

Submitted by John on 04/29/2004 at 15:02. ( jcpalmer1@msn.com )

A friend of mine sent his tanning to them and has tryed to call to find out why they are taking so long and they have yet to return a call? Any answers I will relay them to him.
Thanks John

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What are you calling LOOOONG?

This response submitted by John C on 04/29/2004 at 17:00. ( )

Tell some details and maybe someone can help.

One person may think 7 weeks is to long the other may think 8 months is fine.

so what are you calling to long?

Start worrying!

This response submitted by Jerry C on 04/29/2004 at 18:30. ( )

They had a LS bear of mine for over a YEAR! I finally told them (when they happened to answer the phone)that I would be at their door with the police the following Monday. (I live 2 hours away.) Anyhow,I received the bear skin on the Friday before the deadline. It was a mediocre tan at best. Good Luck!
I understand that the owner died and there were some delays, but a year? Call before 9am.

He has bear and deer there from last oct and november

This response submitted by John on 04/29/2004 at 19:03. ( jcpalmer1@msn.com )

I have all my stuff back from Carolina and I do 20 Times what he does, just seems funny no one will return calls or answer a phone, something must be up, I would like to hear from more either positive or negative, I will relay all info back to him as he has no computer.
Thanks to all in advance.

Interstate Tannery..

This response submitted by tomdes on 04/30/2004 at 10:14. ( mapletax@twcny.rr.com )

It took a year for my 2 bears and a lot of pressure, I foolishly sent 7 deer capes to them in early Dec. still not back yet (they said around 12 weeks).. Wayne, their previous owner died last year and these 2 guys bought it out and it definitely has management and customer service issues. Since Dec. last year they blamed UPS on my bears(in other words they owed them money). I sent a elk cape and LS otter to Sivko Fur in Canisteo, and they were back in 7 weeks (they say 6-8 week turnaround) and they did a great job.. I guess they're my new tannery. It's too bad, I've done business with IT for 13 years, Wayne was outstanding person to deal with.

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