One awesome piece of equipment

Submitted by Tim on 04/30/2004 at 15:06. ( )

Finally got my Quebec Pro set up and man what a difference.I have been using a dakota IV and it was taking me about 45-50 minutes to shave a cape.The blade would not stay sharp.Had to re-sharpen every few passes.I have thinned 5 capes so far with my QP and have not had to re-sharpen the blade yet.Plus it only takes me about 15 minutes per cape now.Should have bought on years ago.This is not a paid for ad.LOL.Bought mine used from H+H fur dressing.Best Grand I ever spent.It came with 6 brand new blades too.

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This response submitted by oldshaver on 04/30/2004 at 18:34. ( )

Sounds like you just got some better knifes.(blades)I am not knocking this machine, dont know that much about it, but the ammount of times that you have to steel(sharpen) the blade does not reflect on the quality of the machine. It reflects on knife quality. I make this statement with the assumption that your old machine turned true and at the correct rpm. Your reduction of time is coming from a good knife, with a good grind, and possibly a guard adjustment that suits you better. Glad to hear you like your new machine.

I think

This response submitted by Stub on 04/30/2004 at 23:46. ( )

I think they are a good machine, but the guy who makes them is about a used car salesman if I ever heard one. 2 weeks ago I had a wanted posted for a Miniflesher he calls me at home gives me about a 20 minute speil about cost effectiveness yada yada yada. If I wanted a quebec I would have asked for one for what they cost and for as many of them that are out there he should have no reason to grobble. I just thought that was pretty cheap. Jerry if you read this take note.

Your old blade needs to be re-sharpened professionally

This response submitted by Hogger on 05/03/2004 at 05:38. ( )

Sounds to me like your old blade was not sharpened correctly once it got dull from the first time when it was still new. Like any other knife, when you buy it, it can shave the hair off your arm, but let it get dull and sharpen it incorrectly and it never gives you the same edge again. I own a Dakota and my blades are fine. I get the performance you're getting from your Quebec. I too am not getting paid to advertise, and I too bought mine used.

Jerry is no used car salesman

This response submitted by Steve A. on 05/05/2004 at 16:55. ( )

I don't think Jerry meant to pressure you into buying his product. I don't think he needs the business that bad. I've talked to the guy a couple times and I like him. I think he likes what he does and he enjoys talking to fellow tanners and taxidermists. I also appreciate being able to talk with someone with his knowlege about fleshing because I'm far from a pro at running a fleshing machine. Just got a professional model Quebec a while back (used),and love it. I plan to keep my mini-flesher though for detail work.

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